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Sam Orum is CEO and Founder of 1Voice Inc. which includes several brands.
Mr. Orum is also the creator of the worldwide social media company Media Monarch which is a feature-rich social networking site that allows visitors to enjoy, share, and discover digital media and content downloads from music to television throughout the world.

Mr. Orum attended Florida A & M University (FAMU) where he majored in Pre-Medicine with a minor in music. He also excelled as the 3-time President of the world famous “Florida A & M University Marching Band”, and 2 time President of Kappa Kappa Psi Fraternity. Mr. Orum received international recognition after helping to build and becoming a Regional Vice President of a $600 Million Dollar company while building his own businesses through network marketing, music, sports, and owning his own restaurant. Because of this success, Mr. Orum was featured on the nationally syndicated television show, THE BLACK ENTERPRISE REPORT!

Mr. Orum has worked with some of the top thought leaders around the world including former Mayor of Atlanta and U.S. Ambassador Andrew Young, Dr. Myles Munroe, and Dr. Cindy Trimm, just to name a few. Currently, Mr. Orum is Chairman of the Board of Directors for Trimm International Foundation.

In 2017, Mr. Orum was awarded the title LORD SAM ORUM for his excellent work to the Kingdom and for servicing and inspiring thousands of people around the world as a true leader.

Mr. Orum’s thoughts:

Florida A&M University

From the highest of 7 hills in Tallahassee Florida resides one of the top HBCU's in history, Florida A&M University. I had an incredible time as a student and President of the greatest band in the land, the Marching 100! Now I know I'm going to get grief from my folks at Grambling, Southern, TSU, Alabama St., etc, but all I can say is....SUDLER AWARD WINNER! Look it up! Lemme help you out...Look at the list. There is only ONE....THE ONE!

University of Michigan
University of Illinois
Ohio State University
Florida A&M University
University of Texas
University of Oklahoma
Michigan State University
University of Kansas
University of Iowa
Arizona State University
Northwestern University
James Madison University
Purdue University
University of Nebraska
West Virginia University
University of Massachusetts
Texas Tech University
University of Georgia
Texas A&M University
Louisiana State University
University of Alabama
Auburn University
Penn State University
University of Arkansas

Sidney Lanier High School

Sidney Lanier Poets High School in Montgomery, Alabama. This is where the true story began when my band director, Mr. Farrell Duncombe became that father that I never had and really guided me and drove me to the point where I only wanted to be great. Ultimately, I was senior class president, debate team, honor roll, and all that other good stuff. Those were the good old days!

Madison Park Alabama

Madison Park sounds like some fancy, nice area but that could not be further from the truth. The people are great...the atmosphere is great...but we were COUNTRY AS A BOWL OF GRITS. I'm talking about dirt roads, no street lights, no indoor plumbing, well, you get the picture. I entertained myself by climbing on top of the house and acting like I was Tarzan. But life was peaceful. We grew our own food, raised our own meats, and brew our own drinks. YEP, life was good in the country.

Baby Sam

Baby Sam was raised in a single parent home by the greatest person that I have ever known, Mrs. Velma Orum Davis, my mother. As an 18-year-old mother, my mom had to make numerous sacrifices for my sisters and me but she did it without hesitation or complaint. She always made sure that we had what we needed and kept our eyes on our future goals. It must have worked, she had 3 kids and we all own businesses and thrive because of her teachings.